Who are we?


Polly is a 20-something Filipino, who identifies as a feminist and is thankful for the blessings and wonderment around her. She is an admin for the Wellington Young Feminists’ Collective and was the Wellington Co-ordinator of Slutwalk Aotearoa 2011. She is a policy analyst by day and community outreach manager by night, she is passionate about legislative reform and also volunteers at the Wellington Community Law Centre. She completed her LLB in Otago and her postgraduate Arts study (English and Political Science) at the University of Canterbury. Polly is committed to the betterment of the lives of women, especially female asian migrants, Maori and survivors of sexual and family violence. As an army wife in a previous life she completed her postgraduate research on the role of the spouse in the New Zealand Army and hope one day to continue working in this area. She has a fond appreciation for cats, degustation menus, vintage clothing, tea towels and household linens and is often found at weekend markets sourcing retro and kitsch treasures for her kitchen.


Nicola is a student at Victoria University. She’s interested in issues relating to gender and queer theory. She is currently the Chief Reporter for Victoria’s student magazine Salient, and as well as being at uni works part-time as a carer in the disability sector. Sometimes she’s also a musician, but never the kind who makes money. Nicola grew up tramping and skiing at every opportunity; activities which have given her a deep love of and respect for Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural environment that she’s passionate about protecting. She is also passionate about preventing suicide by LGBT youth, and thinks it’s important to promote a society which gives more power to groups who are currently denied self-determination and full enjoyment of their lives without prejudice. Nicola has a soft spot for animals (she doesn’t eat them), supporting local creativity, black clothes, books, undercuts, tattoos, cold weather, and soy flat whites.



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