Kia ora!

Kia ora and welcome to our new blog!

As the description to the right explains, we’re a flat of feminists living in Aro Valley, a suburb of Aotearoa New Zealand’s capital city Wellington. You can find out more about us by clicking the “Who are we?” tab above.

We were recently disappointed that our country re-elected a government led by the centre-right National Party and extreme right wing ACT party. Such leadership flies in the face of most – if not all – of what we believe in. Because of the election result we don’t foresee things getting any better for our country on the equality front any time soon.

Our original response to this was to start a blog critiquing the developments in New Zealand government and society which cause us daily dismay. However there are already plenty of political blogs which provide thorough and articulate analyses of why John Key and his ilk are pretty bad and spell doom for most of Aotearoa, particularly the vulnerable and marginalised.

We don’t feel we’d have any unique or constructive contribution to make to that area of the blogosphere. Additionally, when the things going on around us make us so angry, being negative really isn’t going to help us feel much better. So instead we’re going to try to focus on and highlight the positive things that are happening… there must be some! We want to provide some sort of hope instead of the fear and resentment which make up our default response to the way things are currently going. Think of it as making the most of a bad situation.

We also want to set some personal goals around things like becoming more sustainable, creative, and involved in the cool little community we live in. We’re lucky to be surrounded by like-minded people here (check out the diagram below of what the make up of Parliament would look like if only the votes from our local polling booth counted!) so hopefully we’ll find some things to do here which will be worth writing about.

With all the mischief we get up to together you can expect many stories of the fun we have. These may range from the political to our attempts to grow a garden, adopting cats from the Cats Protection League, thoughts on films we see and books we read, Sam’s exploits as a hair model, Polly’s rapidly expanding collection of vintage clothing and home décor, or Nicola’s upcoming expedition to Canada. The next and first proper post we’re going to put up will be a list of our goals for 2012.

We’re looking forwards to sharing our adventures with you!

Polly Sam and Nicola
(Pictured above: our flat’s festive family portrait, a la

(DISCLAIMER: We’ll still probably rant about how bad John Key is from time to time)